A multicolored pile of pills and capsules.

When Love is Like Cholera

Love is an acute illness caused by infection of the heart with the bacterium Ignitio amorae. The amorae bacterium is usually found in cities and rural areas. Currently, there are no vaccines available.

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A man's hands cup a woman's hands which cup Scrabble tiles laid out to spell forever.

Jane 3:16

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have an everlasting wife.

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Bunches and bunches of grapes

Ethan Frome de Champagne

The color is a stifling winter white accented with a youthful hue. Its body is sickly, revealing sadness, resignation, loneliness, resentment and a hint of pickled anger. Fragrant with elm, the seductive blond notes combine with aging bitterness and masculine duty in a subtle, rich narrative, paced gracefully to an austere finish and a tremendous hangover.

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Entrance to a bar with neon signs in the windows and above the doors. The profile of a Cadillac hangs above the door and next to a sign that says Cadillac Lounge.

Cuckoo for Cosmos

A big nurse and a con man walk into bar. The bartender says, “I’ve got the cure for what ails ya.” The con man says, “I’ll have Sex With Candy.” The nurse replies, “No. He’ll have a Lobotomy.” But instead the bartender serves a Cosmopolitan. Go figure.

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A close-up of a goose's neck and head staring at the camera.

A Recipe for Marital Lunacy

Infuse two people with insecurity. Season each liberally with expectations and assumptions. Knead until tender. Mix with stress. Bake in the heat of a fight for control until painful to touch. Serve raw when a firm callus of anger, hurt, resentment and selfishness appears. Add tears to taste.

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