It was basically a White Russian with rum instead of vodka and nutmeg on top.

Well the book sucked, but I knew the drink had Kahlúa in it, so I figured it had to be better than the book.

We made the drinks, clinked glasses, and headed to the basement to watch Sherlock (Episode 2 of Season 4 – SO good.)

(Side note: If you haven’t watched Sherlock, you are missing out. It’s fantastic.)

So anyway, the drink was good. Ish. Kinda basic – nothing too exciting. But I finished it quickly and before the opening credits, paused the show to ask Chris to make another one without the nutmeg. The nutmeg just distracted from the creamy-kahlua-y-rum-y mixture.

Love in the Time of Kahlúa, Take 2 went down just as quick and I enjoyed it more sans nutmeg.


Love in the Time of Cholera - book: D
Love in the Time of Cholera - movie: not rated (Because seriously? Who wants to watch that much sex? Besides Oprah, I mean.)
Love in the Time of Kahlúa - drink: C+ (For a drink involving kahlua, that's pretty sad.)

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