Why This Blog?

His Take

Two people. Married. Live life together in a love like no one talks about but everyone lives.

There’s no Hallmark holiday for this love. For this love is a love that wounds as much as it swoons.

But this love is TRUE love. Expectations juxtaposed with reality.

This love is the What Happens After the Movie is Over and the Crooner Stops Crooning love. It’s the Wizard behind the curtain of Happily Ever After. It’s the selfish mixed with the many splendored things.

Our two lovers cook with ALL the spices in the cabinet — savory and sweet — AND the sour milk turning in the fridge. They swim in the Sea of Contrast, pulled down by differences and buoyed by hope.

The truth of their love isn’t romantic. It’s stronger. It lies in daily choices. Actually, one choice made repeatedly. Over and over. Again and again and again. Seventy times seven times. To infinity and beyond. Plus once more.

I choose to do life with you.

Through a Book and Glass weaves two warped personalities together through an oeuvre of liquid prose.

The ingredients for this groggy blog include:

  1. Two parts desire to share an activity with one another
  2. One part creating a reason to write
  3. One part turning a delicious bewitching by The Inn at Little Washington and the best meal I (Chris) ever ate into an affair to remember

And the chef has prepared the following menu:

~ Read each book pickled in Tequila Mockingbird ~
~ Write something about each book. ~
~ Write something inspired by the drink bound to the book. ~

#spiritled or not spirit-led, that is the question.

Her Take

We are two people of opposite personalities who, six and a half years ago, committed to each other. For life.

Marriage hasn't come easily to us, but in the ups and downs of our first six years we've learned some important things - like how to navigate our vastly different morning routines, how to live with another's standard of cleanliness (or chaos), how to work through conflict ...

Basically how to live a life with your polar opposite.

We're slowly learning how to find joy in the messy.

Along the way we've discovered a few shared interests...

We both love reading.
We both love good food. And drinks.
We both love to write.

It was Christmas 0f 2015. We stumbled upon a little book called Tequila Mockingbird.

That's when Chris had a brilliant idea.

Tequila Mockingbird is the perfect way to meld our shared interests into a shared experience.

We will use Tequila Mockingbird as a "guide" through a shared literary journey.
(Think Julie and Julia.)

We will read together.
We will drink together.
We will write together.
It will be a shared journey through books and booze.
It will take years.

This blog is a place to record our journey ... like a modern-day travel diary.

We will read the books, review the books, make the drinks, review the drinks and share the experience together.

The Inn at Little Washington
This is when Chris has a brilliant idea.