Tonight we made Ethan Poms.

A glass of Asti Spumante and grenandine

The colors are pretty.

Don't feel bad if you've never heard of an Ethan Pom. Neither had we. (I think Tim Federle might have invented it to accompany this particular piece of literature.)

It's champagne topped with crushed ice and grenadine drizzled over the top. Basically a champagne slushy.

It was ... meh. I felt the same way about this drink as I feel about the [ridiculously overly-hyped] shave ice in Hawaii. Too sweet. Too much ice.

Actually, to give the drink proper credit, it had several things going against it for me from the start.

1. I don't like drinks with ice.
The reasons for this are many (it makes my teeth cold, it waters down whatever I'm drinking, it's annoying when it hits my teeth, I don't like to have to chew the ice).

2. I'm not wild about champagne.
The champagne toasts are always my least favorite part of a wedding reception. I don't really like the taste.

3. Rocks glasses are ... um ... boring.
Part of the fun for me is the whole cocktail experience. The glassware is a part of that and each type of glass carries it's own persona.

Martini glasses = sophisticated | Wine glasses = classy | Margarita glasses = party time
But rocks glasses are clunky and fat. And BORING.

A rocks glass

See? Nothing fun about this.

So tonight after attending the Good Friday service, we put our kids to bed and sat down with our Ethan Poms and leftover Coldstone chocolate peanut butter pie.

Actually, I found the drink improved as we added more champagne to the top. Which we did. Several times. (All the fizzing was cool.)

Pouring Asti Spumante into a rocks glass with crushed ice and grenadine in it.

Fizz is fun!

Then in our sugar high, we played a quick game of Ticket to Ride.

Nothing like a little healthy competition to go with all the sugar overload.

Final Grade

Ethan Frome - book: A
Ethan Pom - drink: B*

*This drink was originally graded a D. Apparently I was in a bad mood when I wrote this post. We made these drinks while on vacation in Iowa, using champagne, and they were waaay better. I'm changing my grade to B.


  1. Chris Giovagnoni on March 25, 2016 at 11:38 pm

    Rock glasses are refined, my dear.

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