Ethan Frome meet Ethan Pom, as in the pomegranate juice used to make the grenadine syrup.

  • 3 oz Champagne
  • 3 oz grenadine syrup

Pour the Champagne into a rocks glass and then pack with shaved or crushed ice. Drizzle the syrup on top.

Highly Pretentious Tasting Notes and Impressions:

  • An adult Shirley Temple.
  • Tasted more than fine with Asti Spumante, for a quarter of the price of Champagne.
  • I'll have another and another and another.
  • Cloyingly sweet, on the fourth another, when filled with heavy-handed pours of grenandine.
  • Worth making that second sled run for.
  • Given the hydrogen peroxide effect when the bubbly is replenished, could easily have been called a Bloody Mattie.
  • A worthy celebratory drink to usher in a new year.

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